Features and Fees of Advanced Diploma in International Trade Management


Features and Fees of the qualification include:
•    Distance Learning Online or Correspondence Tutor supported learning.
•    Telephone and e-mail support to you keep in touch with your tutor.
•    Assignments with tests and quizzes.
•    Study video sessions, webinars, conference calls and learning materials to assist.
•    A range of student benefits to support your development in international trade.

Duration: Approximately 10 to 12 month period (The period of study are recommendations as per the industry experts and will vary from learner to learner).

Systems Requirements for the online qualification:  It is recommended that all software (operating system, browser, Flash, Java, etc.) be completely up to date before the start of the online qualification.
•    The recommended minimum screen size of 1024x600, which is the average size of a notebook.
•    We recommend an Internet connection no slower than a 512 Kbps download speed.
•    Windows XP SP3 and newer, Mac OS X 10.6 and newer, ChromeOS, iOS 7 and newer, and Android 2.3 and newer are supported.
•    The following browsers are supported:
Internet Explorer 10 and 11
Chrome 37 and 38
Safari 6 and 7
Firefox 32 and 33
Flash 14 and 15

Language medium : The e-Institute’s are qualifications are conducted through the medium of English.  While a fairly high level of proficiency in English is expected of learners, we recognise and make allowances for the fact that in many cases English is not a learner’s home language.

Assessments: The Diploma in International Trade Management are completed by means of assessments throughout the duration of the qualification, the culmination of which constitutes the final score.

Location:  Distance Learning - Online or Correspondence.

Course fee: €1,550.00

Includes  Assessment Fees and Project Coordinator team guidance and support.

Financial plans allow learners to pay in installments as per the instructions on the official admission letter.