Certificate in International Trade Methods of Payment

The Certificate in Methods of International Trade Payment and Finance enables learners to focus on area of International Trade.

It sets out to equip the learner with the knowledge, techniques, skill sets  and covers highly detailed instructions on completing virtually every aspect of transactions in this area of international trade

The Certificate is  delivered either by the Online or Correspondence method and is completed by means of assessments throughout the duration of the qualification.

A Certificate in International Trade is awarded on completion of this qualification.

Entry requirements: The e-Institute’s qualifications are conducted through the medium of English. While a fairly high level of proficiency in English is expected of learners, the Institute recognises and makes allowances for the fact that in many cases English is not the learner’s home language.

Candidates who have successfully completed the Leaving Certificate -Ireland- or the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level GCE A levels -UK- will gain entry to this qualification. Those with the equivalent from any part of the world will be granted entry to this qualification.

Candidates 19 years old and above or with 5 years work experience in the international trade industry will also be considered for this qualification.

Please make your application on the main menu 'Distance Learning' - Application Form'. After it is processed, you will receive a login number with which you may proceed to 'Checkout'.


Academic Advisor

Dr. Brendan P. Mac Evoy

Dr. Brendan P. Mac Evoy

International Trade