Diploma in International Trade Management

The Diploma in International Trade Management is a multidisciplinary qualification which focuses on careers in international trade which  increasingly requires knowledge that transcend traditional academic disciplines.

International trade of its nature encounters more difficulties in the movement of goods and services to the target market. With emphasis on the practical problems faced by managers, executives, employees and professionals who conduct business or plan to work in international trade environment, this qualification sets out to  equip the learner with the knowledge, techniques, set skills and eliminate the risks  in international trade. 
The Diploma consists of five modules and covers highly detailed practical disciplines on completing virtually every aspect of an international trade transaction and is written  in collaboration industry experts.

All five modules must be completed in order to earn the Diploma in International Trade Management qualification.
The Diploma is completed by means of assessments throughout the duration of the course.
On successful completion, learners will be entitled to use the suffix of DipITM

Individual Modules: Modules of the Diploma in International Trade Management may be individually taken and paid for priced at €270.00 each.
Should you wish to use this option please contact us using the 'Contact Us' form at the bottom of this page to indicate the individual module or modules you wish to take.

Entry requirements: The e-Institute’s qualifications are conducted through the medium of English. While a fairly high level of proficiency in English is expected of learners, the Institute recognises and makes allowances for the fact that in many cases English is not the learner’s home language.

Candidates who have successfully completed the Leaving Certificate -Ireland- or   the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level - GCE A levels - UK will gain entry to this qualification. Those with the equivalent from any part of the world will  be granted entry to this qualification.
Candidates with 5 years work experience in the international trade industry will also be considered for this qualification.

Please make your application on the main menu 'Distance Learning' - Application Form'. After it is processed, you will receive a login number with which you may proceed to 'Checkout'.

The Diploma in International Trade Management consists of 5 Modules


Academic Advisor

Dr. Brendan P. Mac Evoy

Dr. Brendan P. Mac Evoy

International Trade