Module 1

Unit 1 Export Rationale and Assistance

In this Unit Ireland is used as an example of export rationale and 'who can help'.

This example serves as a model for researching the learner's home country

Learning Objectives:

  • The advantages of entering the export market.
  • How to select markets.
  • How to prepare for the export operation.
  • Agencies from whom exporters can obtain assistance and advice.
  • The importance of research into competitors and market research.
  • Services which can be provided by export buying and confirming houses.

Unit 2 Export Pricing

Learning Objectives:

  • The various costs which must be considered when exporting.
  • The format of quotations and the detail which should be included.
  • Which terms of delivery to use and their effect on the price quoted.
  • How Incoterms protect the buyer and the seller.
  • The procedures involved in pre-shipment inspection - how to avoid pitfalls.


Academic Advisor

Dr. Brendan P. Mac Evoy

Dr. Brendan P. Mac Evoy