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Our distance learning qualifications are a means of broadening educational access while improving the quality of education. As such they afford the learner the opportunity to learn in their own time, pace and at their own place of choice. They are a path people can choose as a matter of preference while taking advantage of their lower cost.

The qualifications focus much more on teaching critical analytical thinking and skill sets of international trade. Learners will be practicing for tasks which they will have in the workforce.


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Training and Consultancy

Our Training and Consultancy service provision helps reduce the complexities and pitfalls that companies may face when accessing international markets to conduct international


The Institute acts as a representative for businesses by finding overseas partners for them helping them sell their products or services and build relationships. We are either minimally


The ITPFP Programme delivers knowledge and equips economic operators in the industry with the skill sets to be efficient in completing international trade payments and finance transactions.

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